The software and services Apple needs to fix

The software and services Apple needs to fix

Glenn Fleishman, a long time Apple guru and tech writer has put together a great post following up on Marco Arment’s post that has caused quite a stir in the Apple tech community. He’s asked for comment-reports on bugs not mentioned and he’s getting hundreds. The comments are worth reading too.

I posted about this earlier here and I’m glad that these higher-profile folks are putting these issues on the table.

We have to be careful to not have a double standard in the Apple world: it’s okay to talk about how bad Windows and Android are, not so okay to talk about problems with Mac OS or iOS. The fact that haters will jump on this is immaterial and should never stop us from voicing our opinions about how Apple is doing.

My concern is that we don’t give the haters stuff to chew on by having a double standard about venting criticism because we’re concerned we’re going to give the haters stuff to chew on.

I think in the end, the Foxconn factory “issue” turned into something positive for Apple. Sure, there are some who will use it forever but they’re outliers. Sometimes its best for this stuff to come out and have faith that Cook and Co. will do the right thing: talk about it themselves to take control of the narrative and work to make it better.

My simple-minded view is that it looks like Apple is concerned with surface appearance and needs to put a lot more time into underlying mechanics which aren’t as sexy and are tough to talk about but now that this meme is out there, it would be easy for Apple to use it to their advantage as they make things better.

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