Water, ice, frozen bubbles, rock

Water, ice, frozen bubbles, rock

Macricostas Preserve, Washington, Connecticut.

Bee Brook runs from a swamp just east of where I took this picture, then downstream of me here, under a major road (Rt. 202) and through a small valley into the Shepaug River. This is a relatively small brook and it’s easy to get close to it in lots of places along its path.

I just went through about 80 images I shot on this great little brook a few days ago and I thought I had some real keepers in the batch but alas, I tossed most of them.

I’m happy that I’m getting more selective but it can be a bit of a bummer. I did have a particular expectation (moving water) and came close on many images but not close enough to keep and share. I’ll be back there for sure so no doubt I’ll try again.


  1. I love this Richard, format and processing spot on.

    The macbook pro is ill again hence no posts of late, in for repair Mon so hopefully won’t be too long. Not convinced it won’t reoccur again though.

    1. Thanks for the kind words about the image SP.

      Did you read my post about my 2011 MacBook Pro’s video card issues a while back? I’m curious if your issues are similar. I had to retire that machine, it was just out of AppleCare and the repair, should I have had it done, was too much for an older machine. Let me know what’s up with your computer, hope you get it back soon and can get back to posting.

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