Floating grass mounds

Floating grass mounds

Pine Swamp, West Cornwall, Connecticut.

These shots were up and downstream of the main beaver pond and lodge at Pine Swamp. This time of year the water is low enough so the grass mounds seem to be floating on top of the ice covered water.

This day the ice wasn’t thick enough to support us so we had to hop mound to mound to get across where the dam wouldn’t support us. It was hairy in places, falling in here would be no fun at all, very muddy and cold and 25F with wind chill. We carry extra clothes and there’s an Appalachian Mountain Club “hut” a quarter mile up a hill from here but still, best to be careful.

One of our party did break through and got her foot wet but she was fine and continued on like nothing had happened. Thank god for wool socks.

Floating grass mounds


    1. Kristin: were you on a day hike (like me) or a longer section of the AT or a thru? Yes, this is not an area to hike into in summer or even fall. It’s not just the mosquitoes, it’s also the ticks. We started spraying our long pants and wearing gators in the summer but it just became too much of a hassle so we don’t go there much in tick season. Once you experience Lyme (I had chronic Lyme a while back) you don’t want to repeat it.

      1. I was actually on a thru-hike. I don’t remember that section for its ticks; in my mind, they’re all in Pennsylvania. Incidentally, that’s the state where I picked up the tick that gave me chronic Lyme, and I completely empathize with your desire not to get sick again. My upcoming PCT hike is a benefit for ILADS and Lyme research.

    2. Kristin, I’m replying here because my blasted theme won’t allow me to reply to your reply…

      Congratulations on your thru hike of the AT. I’ve never done it, only day hikes. I maintain the section from Sage’s Ravine over Mt. Race and down the blue Race Brook Falls Trail in Southern Massachusetts.

      I have, however, done a lot of hiking and climbing along the Muir Trail and quite a bit of hiking and climbing in Oregon along what is now the PCT (didn’t exist back then). No doubt you’ve read Wild and will have to get in line to do the PCT; that book and movie will no doubt bring out everyone.

      Yes, Lyme is no fun at all. If/when you have a donation page for your hike, let me know, I’ll be happy to help out.

      1. Thank you so much for helping to maintain the AT! Sage’s Ravine was one of my favorite places on the entire trail. I can’t wait to see the JMT and Oregon.

        Yes, I have read Wild (and seen the movie). It’s been amazing to watch the effect its popularity has had on discussions about the PCT, and it will be interesting to see how many Wild enthusiasts I find on the trail. I’m starting my hike on April 15th, and I believe I’m one of no more than two females listed as starting their hikes that day, so the Wild effect might actually be delayed a year or so. It does take time to plan, I suppose…

        Thank you for your support of my hike! I feel so blessed to be healthy enough to hike this year. The donation page for my hike is http://www.hikefor.com/Rainbow_Dash/PCT/2015.

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