“Bird” ice on beaver dam

"Bird" ice on beaver dam

Pine Swamp, West Cornwall, Connecticut.

A group of us took a hike up to the Pine Swamp Beaver Pond the other day. It was frozen enough to cross the various beaver dams but not so frozen that it was impossible to fall through the ice (which one of our party did to no ill effect except slight humiliation and laughter).

I had on my glove liners so had no exposed hands while mittens off for shooting but my hands still got cold (it was about 25F with a bit of wind chill).

This was shot while crossing the first of many beaver dams. Not the most stable place to stop and shoot but when ice patterns appear, one has to make an attempt.

Note the bird formed in ice in the upper right (with beak in a muffler it seems). I admit that I didn’t see the bird until I processed the images but I do like it.


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