Turbulence on Bee Brook

Turbulence on Bee Brook

Macricostas Preserve, Washington, Connecticut.

Bee Brook runs from a swamp just east of where I took this picture, then downstream of me here, under a major road (Rt. 202) and through a small valley into the Shepaug River. This is a relatively small brook and it’s easy to get close to it in lots of places along its path.

I’ve shot many images in this little grotto the brook runs through in Macricostas Preserve but this day I walked up stream about 100 feet from where I usually shoot and an entirely different collection of image possibilities opened up.

I know many reading this know the old photographer’s adage: don’t be lazy, change your viewpoint to see if there’s a better image somewhere else. Well, I did it and it worked, I had a blast standing on a rock shooting the water and I’ll post a bunch from this twenty minute session in the next few days as I sort them out.

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