Adobe Camera RAW supported cameras

I just got a Fuji X100T and in setting it up, I wasn’t sure if my version of Lightroom (5.7 as of this post) would be able to process the RAW files the new Fuji will produce.

A bit of searching led me to this list at the incredibly difficult to use Adobe web site:

Camera Raw plug-in | Supported cameras

The heading that’s meaningful to me is the one on the right: “Minimum Lightroom version required” and it seems the new Fuji X100T is supported, as is the new Panasonic LX100 and Canon G7X neither of which I have but they are popular new cameras.

While there are many aspects of dealing with Adobe that drive me crazy, their tools are first rate and they do update their RAW plug-in quickly enough to support early adopters of new cameras.


    1. Jonne: spent yesterday in New York with a friend, some time at B&H, some time walking around, some time eating pizza. Let him use the Sony RX100 III and I used the GR and X100T. Not enough time with the T so form an opinion but it certainly feels very much like the S before it. Maybe noticed faster AF in low light but didn’t shoot enough to know for sure.

      Let me know what you think of the teleconverter. I was thinking of going the other way, the wide angle converter… Not sure yet though.

    1. Not sure yet Oliver. I now have three cameras: The Ricoh GR, Sony RX100 III, and Fuji X100T. There will be times when I carry all of them but I’m thinking I’ll be carrying two of the three most of the time. Not sure yet, will have to let it evolve. In New York the other day, I did notice that the larger APS-C sensors on the GR and Fuji did better than the Sony almost every time. But, the sony got the exposure right more than the other two. Argh! There is no perfect camera, so we need all of them I guess.

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