Race Brook Falls with snow

Race Brook Falls with snow

Race Brook Falls Trail. Southwest Massachusetts.

We hiked up the Race Brook Falls Trail (the trail I maintain for the Berkshire AMC) yesterday and it was a beautiful day for hiking and for photography.

The trail had a few inches of snow on it at the bottom and about six inches up on top. We used micro spikes but didn’t need snow shoes. We stayed relatively dry even with mountain laurel loaded with snow impeding the trail.

I took pictures with both the Ricoh GR and the Sony RX100 III and while the GR files almost universally had more information in them, they needed both exposure and white balance adjustments in Lightroom. Once that was done there was no comparison between the two, the GR files almost universally showed more detail, sharpness and have a nicer look to them. This is fascinating to me: the Sony focuses better in low light, seems to expose more accurately, and has a more pleasant automatic white balance but in the end, a larger sensor makes a very big difference. There may be other factors but there is no doubt about it, the GR is a very strong camera.


    1. Thank you Dale. I’m delighted you like it. I’ve shot these falls a lot and almost always try to pull in the trees on either side. With or without snow on them, they do a great job of framing the falls.

  1. I agree with all the others, beautiful work! Well composed and I love the tones, textures and atmosphere.
    We got a bit of snow finally but I don’t have time to go to any really nice places right now.

    1. Thanks Helena, it was a very photogenic day. We got a dusting of snow here last night but nothing much and not enough to make it less dreary right now. I’m due to hike tomorrow (Friday) so depending on where we go, might be some more snow at higher elevations.

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