Water patterns and reflections on Race Brook

Water patterns and reflections

Race Brook Falls Trail. Southwest Massachusetts.

We hiked up Mt. Race yesterday via the Race Brook Falls Trail (the trail I maintain for the Berkshire AMC) and it was a beautiful day for photography.

On our way down I got closer to the falls to inspect the dead tree and in fact the branches were cut off by someone. Bad news.

But, while standing under that tree, I noticed that the water was making some fantastic patterns as it ran between the two rocks I was straddling. So, out came the camera and I began to shoot.

The issue with shooting these kinds of water patterns is that no matter what the shutter speed you need to check to make sure you’re getting close to the shot you want. Water is a very malleable thing and as the flow changes so do the ripples, the light, and the shadows and other contrasty pattern making elements.

I took over 50 images of this small area and this is just one I liked. I’ll go through the others and see if I can find other patterns from within the few minutes I was shooting.


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