Thayer Brook in fall

Tulip trees

Tulip trees

Schaghticoke Ridge, Appalachian Trail, south of Kent, Connecticut.

I took a quick hike up to Thayer Brook this afternoon and took along the Canon G7X to try out. Nice day for hiking although a bit too bright for my taste in shooting.

I’ve shot these enormous tulip trees before and it’s sort of a test for any camera I’ve got. The tilt out LCD on the G7X makes this kind of shot a breeze. The trees ended up a bit under exposed but I got them sorted in Lightroom. All in all, the camera did a nice job here.

Waterfall on Thayer Brook

Waterfall on Thayer Brook

Falling water in bright light is a challenge. I’m not into attempting to “sheet” the water with a neutral density filter although I do like a bit of blur to show motion. Aside from the blown highlights (maybe my problem with metering) I’m happy with this shot and there’s plenty of saturation in the leaves and rocks. Canon colors pop and I’ve not seen this in a while. Not sure what I think but it does seem like I can work with this camera and fine tune things.

Mini waterfall on Thayer Brook

Mini waterfall on Thayer Brook

This shot seems unspectacular until you look closer at the moss hanging off the rocks. The G7X’s sensor picks up a lot of detail and one I figure out how to use it more effectively I think I can improve on these kinds of shots.


    1. Thanks Gary. Still learning how to use the Canon G7X and haven’t really decided if it’s a keeper yet. Too bad there’s no RAW converter for it other than the stupid Canon software which I won’t put on my computer. Not that shooting RAW would solve blown highlights, but it would give me more options in processing.

  1. Very nice captures, Richard. I think a tilting LCD is really great asset. I have no camera with tilting LCD at the moment but I think I will consider it in my next camera purchase.

    1. Thanks Jonne. I’m still on the fence on the camera but the tilting LCD is extremely useful at times. I’ve taken this shot with the Ricoh GR (sans tilting LCD) so it’s not essential but I do think it’s very useful for all kinds of things, especially ground level shots.

      There is no RAW converter for this camera so I’m not sure what RAWs will be like, and there are aspects of it that I’m not crazy about, but all in all I like it better than the Sony RX100 III it replaced although because no RAWs yet I can’t say much about IQ.

      I know it’s not in vogue to like Canon anymore but they do get some things right and those things are important to me (ergonomics, stable OS, build quality).

      I’m hoping to have the new Fuji RX100 T soon and I’m looking forward to it.

    1. Agree Jonne. I love the GR, but need a camera with a zoom lens or, at the very least, one with a slightly longer lens (like the X100T). I’m not looking for a single camera to do it all so I might be happy with all three as I’ve had before.

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