Fall on the Appalachian Trail

Pine glen

Pine glen

On the Appalachian Trail between the Housatonic River in Sheffield, Massachusetts and Jug End Road.

I tend not to hike this section in summer, too muggy with too many mosquitoes but this day was great and the hike went very well.

This little glen is incredibly photogenic and there are so many great textures in it its crying out to be photographed.



This magnificent oak is on the other side of an electric fence and a field so getting closer for an unobstructed view is tough. Great tree, amazingly complex, like a living fractal.



The trail was loaded with leaves and they can be as treacherous as ice because you can’t see what’s under them: roots, rocks, holes and more. They are wonderful looking though and I had to take a picture of the pile before winter disposes of them.

Dogwood all alone

Dogwood all alone

This little dogwood tree was struggling to grow among a grove of larger trees. The contrast between its leaves and the surrounding forest was crying out for a picture. I was glad to take one.


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