The gear you need to tell stories with your photography

Daniel Schafer did a piece for Japan Camera Hunter: The Storytellers Kit where he discusses focal lengths useful for telling parts of a story.

PetaPixel has reposted it: The Storyteller’s Kit: The Gear You Need to Tell Stories with Your Photography.

They are essentially the same piece although with different comment threads under them. Choose one and read it. I promise you you’ll find it useful no matter what your experience with photography.

Gear does not make the photographer, allow me to state that for the record before we dive in here. A talented artist can make an image with whatever falls into their palm, but for those of us who have the luxury of choice, be it the pocket sized Ricoh dangling from Moriyama’s wrist, or Crewdson’s cherrywood 8×10, a powerful image is about the framing of a moment, the machine it is seen through when chosen properly, serves to simplify and streamline the process.

This is a brilliant piece, the sentiment of which is right on the money and very timely and meaningful to me as I experiment with different cameras in different settings.

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