Canon G7X on Race Brook Falls Trail

Mini waterfall on Race Brook

Mini waterfall on Race Brook

Race Brook Falls Trail, southwest Massachusetts.

Loren and I took a hike up this trail today to inspect for downed limbs and trees after the high winds the last few days. It was also an opportunity for me to try out the new Canon G7X which I got to replace the Sony RX100 III which I recently sold.

These are three untouched JPEGs straight out of the camera. All I did was crop them square. Impressive.

The Sony RX100 takes remarkable images but it’s physical ergonomics are a problem for me: flush mounted buttons, a control-by-wire front control wheel and very slow operation.

The Canon G7X is essentially the same camera done by Canon. Very similar size and shape, same 1″ sensor, nice flip up LCD for ground level shots, front control wheel with clicks (a bit too loud actually), much faster operation, better physical controls and a better menu system.

It feels much like a bigger, more capable Canon S90/95/100/110/120, etc.

I noticed that in high ISO JPEGS (no RAW converter yet) there is some smearing and this was true of the Sony RX100 (all models) as well.

It takes a while to get to know a new camera and for me the jury is still out on this one. I definitely like it better than the Sony RX100 but nothing compares with my Ricoh GR so I need to keep this camera long enough to sort that out.

Chestnut oak leaves

Chestnut oak leaves

Chestnut oak leaf

Chestnut oak leaves


  1. Beautiful leaves. The GR spoils you! It is pretty much all I use anymore. Good as these smaller sensor cameras may be, they just don’t come close to the IQ and ease of use of the GR, and the GR is just about as portable. I periodically use the crop feature (35mm, 47mm), but tend to keep it at 28mm.

    1. I agree Andrew. The GR has everything: IQ, ergonomics, clean look, and speed. The only thing I miss on it that this camera has is a zoom lens and an articulating LCD. Those are very useful for me so I feel the need to have at least one camera that has them.

  2. Love the leaves Richard I have the same desire as you I’d love an articulating rear screen as it makes the shots I love to take less of a chore, I look forward to more from you with this and your valued thoughts.

    1. Thanks SP. I have to sit on my hands at times because I tend to compare everything to what I like at the moment and what I really like at the moment is the Ricoh GR. However, the camera to compare the G7X to is the Sony RX100 and compared with that I think it’s a winner, so far at least. It will take a bit more shooting for me to decide for sure but it seems like a keeper so far.

    1. Too soon to tell Edward. I know you’re interested as well but even if I keep/reject it you need to spend some time with it yourself. The return policies at B&H and Amazon are solid enough so you could easily try it out without worry. It’s probably a keeper but I need to spend more time with it… Stay tuned.

  3. Very nice and beautiful results, Richard! Seems to be a capable camera. I am quite much thinking to get LX100 some day. Quite expensive but may be worth of the price. On other hand I have been reasonably happy with my old cameras. I am slowly getting the point that the photography itself counts, not the latest technology.

    1. Jonne: Thank you. I hope you do get the Panasonic because it’s in the same class as all the small cameras we’re looking at and you have experience with micro 4/3 already. I agree, it looks like a very nice camera with a viewfinder.

      And, I totally agree and get it on the fascination with technology. Both you and I are interested in the technical stuff and know a lot from years of experience and research but it ought not drive our creative process. Personally, I prefer simple, “stealthy” cameras that are easy to carry and use and take good enough images so that I can work with them. The Ricoh GR (and no doubt all Ricoh GRD models) has shown me a standard that I like and now compare other cameras to.

      That said, the GR is limiting and those limits are good for the process but one needs other capabilities for other kinds of shooting. So, I may end up with this G7X and a Fuji X100T and will use them all as needed. I think having a few cameras with different personalities is probably a good thing for the creative process. I tend to like to have one camera and use it enough so it falls into the background but one can get into a rut so a few more different cameras might keep one on one’s creative toes, so to speak.

      That’s a theory anyway. We’ll see how it works out.

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