Japanese Garden through my mother’s eyes

Japanese Garden through my mother's eyes

Japanese Garden, Van Nuys, California. We returned to this great garden and while my 99 year old mother is mostly experiencing it through memory (she can’t walk or see well anymore) she enjoyed being wheeled around the paths.

I’m always trying to get new images of my mother but frankly, she’s declining and I’m having a tough time capturing her spirit.

I did like this reflection of the main pond at the garden in her sunglasses, and while she may not be seeing the detail this image shows, she’s taking it in through other senses and memory. Actually, she was nodding off when I took this.

Note: I cropped her mouth because if I catch her at the wrong moment her mouth has a less than attractive look; she knocked some teeth out in a fall and the resulting gap is unattractive.


    1. Thanks Jonne. I did my best. I really want to post pictures of her on each trip out here but I’m having a rough time getting images that don’t look unflattering. Wish I had your portrait skills.

  1. I always look forward to these portraits.

    I’m sure she is capturing some of the ambiance – there are still a few senses left for her to enjoy it. When I get old(ish) I want someone to wheel me outdoors.

    1. Thanks Andrew. I’d love to do more of them but I’m reluctant to post images of my mother that are less than flattering. It’s a very calm place and I’m sure she takes that piece in. Yes, it would be great to have access to a place like this and someone to gently push us through it should we live into our 90’s. We can hope.

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