American chestnut leaves

American chestnut leaves

Schaghticoke Ridge, Appalachian Trail, Kent, Connecticut.

A friend and I did the 8 mile tough hike from Bull’s Bridge to Rt. 341 in Kent on the AT.

I think one of the many reasons it went so well was that the color was spectacular and we were constantly distracted visually. However, being more into monochrome these days, I was looking for interesting contrast and I found it in these chestnut and chestnut oak leaves. Yes, the colors in these images were interesting, but to me, the textures and contrast made them even more interesting.

If I can’t get back into color photography in fall I’m not sure what will pull me back in.

Chestnut oak leaves

Chestnut oak leaves


    1. Thank you very much benrowef64. In the fall, there’s so much contrast (and color) everywhere its not tough to find. It’s mostly learning how to look at it with “monochromatic eyes” that’s new to me. Thankfully the GR allows me to set up the LCD so I see the high contrast black and white image on it.

    1. Thanks Gary. The GR is such a great camera in so many respects, it’s tough to pin it down. However, I do miss a zoom lens at times and for that I hope the new Canon G7X (pre-ordered) fills the bill. Fingers crossed.

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