1. Thank you Jonne. The light was perfect for this kind of image and this particular pattern wasn’t changing much so it was easy to shoot. Still, I took a few different exposures to make sure I got what I wanted. As usual, the first one was best but it was nice to have the extras just in case.

    1. Thanks SP. It’s the actual convergence (the cross hatching) that makes the first so interesting (IMHO) but personally, I like the more random turbulence of the second. It’s all good stuff, and water is fun to shoot.

      1. Thank I made that one up, probably. I need to study up on my terminology before I have to teach waves this year. Probably what you were calling convergence. Where the waves cross each other and seem to form a hatch pattern. I think the crests and troughs have cancelled each other out at those points.

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