Matting and framing tutorial

This is a very nicely done video tutorial by Robert Rodriguez on how to mat and frame a print (photographic or otherwise).

This is pretty much the exact process I use although I buy my mats pre-cut.

I realize that some who take photography seriously don’t make prints of their work but for me, making fine art prints and framing them seems to complete the process in a nice way. I like physical objects, not just a photograph on a web site.

I also print and assemble notecards and I think I’ll do a post on how I do that since I’ve made thousands of them and I’ve got that process worked out.


  1. Having watched this I can only say the guy is a true artist, his attention to detail is tangible, he leaves no stone unturned in his completion of the process, that together with the quality of his image really do exemplify his undoubted talent.

    1. I agree SP. That said, I do pretty much the same thing with many of my better photographs. A few parts of the process differ but for the most part I print and frame a lot of work, some for sale, some to give away. I love doing it, it’s as important as taking the picture for me.

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