Old trees

Old maple tree

Old maple tree

Macricostas Preserve, Washington, Connecticut.

We took a short walk up to Waramaug Rock and around the Macricostas loop trail and the fall colors were spectacular. And, they didn’t really do anything for me photographically, just nice to look at.

These old and rotting trees, however, had a lot of appeal and now that I’ve looked carefully at the images, I think I’ll return to them today and take some more shots of different sides of them.

Not that fall colors aren’t part of a decay cycle, but these old trees seem more interesting to me.

Old birch tree

Old birch tree


  1. Nice ones, Richard. I had actually the same feeling about the fall colors today. Nice to look at but I didn’t shoot the colors. I too was thinking to convert them into B&Ws.

    1. Jonne: You and I have been shooting for long enough so we’ve been there, done that. Like you, I’ve really enjoyed limiting my palette, it’s helping me see more interesting things.

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