1. I love these but I’m a sucker for this type of flower although I have to admit I’ve never come across this one before. The name alone is worthy of liking the images complete the loop. Wonderful Richard.

    1. They’re a bit different from the brown-eyed Susans we have in our yard but I figured that might be because they’re a slightly different variety and they’re further along in their yearly cycle. I shot them in both RAW and high contrast black and white JPEG with the GR as well as in RAW with the Sony RX100 III and used the high contrast JPEGs as a template for processing the RAWs (I’ve been doing this for a while). The higher contrast and monochrome treatment made what looked familiar a lot less familiar and that I liked. I’ll try it again in a week or so when ours start to go. Who knows, maybe these flowers aren’t even brown-eye’d Susans but if not, I have no clue what they are were).

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