Storm over Mt. Race

Storm over Mt. Race

Appalachian Trail, between Sheffield and Great Barrington, Massachusetts. This storm had just passed (and soaked) us as we were hiking south on the AT toward Sheffield. The sun came out over us and we came to a viewpoint where we could look across the valley at (right to left, north to south) Mt. Everett, Mt. Race, and Bear Mountain in Connecticut. If we hung out a bit longer I’d have maybe caught some lightning but in fact, another cell came over us and we got soaked again. Had to put the cameras away and put rain cover on pack.

None of my weather apps (including Dark Sky) peeped at me, all of them said it was clear. So much for technology.

I was glad to get some nice images of this amazing storm as it traveled down the valley.

Note: here’s an image of the same ridge in good weather with labels on the various mountains from 2010 when I last did this section of the Appalachian Trail. Appalachian Trail, southern Massachusetts.


    1. Thanks Jonne. I had mixed feelings about the foreground trees (low tree tops) but they do show that we’re in sun as it storms ten miles away across the valley.

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