Translucent building

Old in new

Old in new

Astor Place, New York City. These were taken on a trip to New York that Gary, Anne and I took a month ago.

This particular building reflection caught my eye because it was so clear and because the left edge/corner of the newer building was sharp and shallow enough so that we could see through it. Also, it was dusk so there were lights on in the older building.

Thee’s something about seeing the inside of a monolithic glass box from the outside that has an appeal for me. Sort of like finding out how airplanes are honeycomb structures covered with a thin skin of aluminum (or whatever material their skins are made of). Lastly, this large face of the building was facing due west, perfect for picking up the sky and fading light.

Translucent corner

Translucent corner



This is the left (north) corner of the same building in the two earlier photographs. The corner that’s so translucent.

You have to wonder how buildings like this hold together. Yes, I realize that modern construction techniques allow the skins of these buildings to be free of structures but dang, there’s not much holding that glass on.

Calvin Klein from REI

Calvin Klein from REI

These days we spend as much time browsing around REI as B&H and the REI in New York is a big one that’s nicely done.

The intersection outside REI has some amazing billboards, they’re quite large and not far off the ground and coupled with a cloudy sky and older buildings they give the place a bit of an odd futuristic, dystopian feel.


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