Along the Highline



Along the High Line, New York. Gary and I walked the length of the High Line (he’d never seen it) and it was great. I’m just processing those images now, three weeks after the fact.

This was my last walk with the Fuji X100S, sold it last week. I loved the camera but found it a bit big for hiking and walking around. Amazing since I used to lug a Canon 5D and assorted lenses around New York with me. I may revisit another version of the camera down the road but for now I’m content with the Ricoh GR and Sony RX100 III. The Fuji does take outstanding images though, no doubt about it. And, the hybrid viewfinder is incredible.



Terraces and flues

Terraces and flues


  1. Great shots, Richard. I especially like the crane shot, it is brilliant. I am sorry to hear that you sold X100S but at the same time I understand your reasoning for that move. For me too the size is very important factor and that’s why I am taking my X100 with me to Croatia where we are leaving tomorrow.

    1. Jonne: Thanks for the nice comment.

      I totally get it. I really wanted to like the size of the Fuji and no doubt I’ll have another one some day. I just found myself not carrying it as much as I’d have liked to given its IQ capability and great viewfinder. I’m also more comfortable with a wider fixed lens; the 28mm on the Ricoh feels better to me and I’m liking the 24mm on the Sony as well. No doubt I’ll be back in the Fuji fold at some point, maybe get the wide angle adapter for it.

    1. As I told Jonne (who’s a Fuji guy), I liked the Fuji but there’s something about 35mm that bothers me. I like a wider view for shots like these. Or, to be fair, I’m used to a wider view so felt a bit cramped with 35mm. Of course, 35mm is better for other things, like pictures of people (which Jonne does a lot of) but I don’t do all that much of that. I do think I’ll revisit that Fuji line at some point.

      I have another version of the first shot done with the GR. I might upload it later today if it doesn’t seem too redundant.

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