How Apple is changing (under Tim Cook)

What Apple’s ‘Pride’ Ad Might Say About How the Company Is Changing

Gabriel Beltrone has written an excellent essay on how Apple’s involvement in San Francisco’s Pride Parade, the video Apple made about inclusion, and how the corporate culture at Apple is slowly changing under Tim Cook is reshaping the company.

The new ad, meanwhile, also aligns with Cook’s championing, including in his CEO role, of human rights broadly defined, as well as other causes like environmentalism. Such are the trappings of inheriting a powerful company with the ability, and arguably an obligation, to contribute more socially. But in 2011, Cook also made a point of saying that one of Jobs’s last pieces of advice to him was never to ask what Steve Jobs would do, and instead to “just do what’s right.”

As a long time Apple watcher, investor, and most importantly user, I like Tim Cook and always have. I like what he’s doing to the company and I think he’s a decent human being. Being a decent human being doesn’t always produce the next great product but I’m guessing that while Tim Cook is not Steve Jobs, he’s got a lot of very talented people working with him and together, they will continue to produce great products that we’re excited about using and continue to do what’s right.

I like Tim Cook’s take on what’s right.

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