Lake Waramaug and Bee Brook Swamp

Lake Waramaug

Lake Waramaug from Waramaug Rock

Macricostas Preserve, Washington, Connecticut. Gary, Anne and I hiked the loop trail at Macricostas Preserve, right down the road from our house. The fireworks show on the 4th was rained out but this is the place we like to hike to to watch them so we figured we’d get up there anyway. Nice hike and the landscape, while hot and humid was quite photogenic.

I shot both high contrast black and white and RAW with the Ricoh GR and these are RAW files processed in Lightroom. There’s so much more information in the RAW files that’s useful for printing that I have to make sure I keep the GR set up this way even though it’s a bit more cumbersome for processing.

Note, I have to say the new version of Flickr is much improved, they’re finally moving in the right direction with it. Thank god.

Bee Brook swamp

Bee Brook Swamp from the Macricostas Loop Trail bridge


    1. Thanks Jonne. Glad you agree on Flickr, as a long time user, both of the service and its embedding option for your blog your opinion counts for a lot to me. I’m very relieved they’re making improvements in the right direction with it.

      We were in New York yesterday, took so many images I think my computer is going to explode.

      1. Really waiting to see your NYC shots. I presume lots of them are taken with RX100 III. I have been using almost extensively my Nikon 1 V1 (with 50 mm equiv. prime) during our few-day trip to our second summer cottage. V1 is so handy in size and extremely fast in focusing.

      2. Jonne: I had some problems with the new Sony as did Gary. He exchanged his, I returned mine and ordered new (should have exchanged but got cold feet). So, I shot with GR and Fuji in NY and both did very well. I reordered the Sony as I like having a small camera around with a zoom and a decent sensor and when I had it it produced decent images. Gary loves his…

  1. I also agree on Flickr. These are two great shots; I particularly like the second one. I was just in Cape Cod on a family vacation and one of these days I’d love to spend more time in the natural areas of the Northeast to explore and photograph.

    BTW regrading your other post on climbing, have you seen 180 South? A great movie – I love the simplicity and purity of the early days of climbing and dirt bags and of the desire to simply seek out adventure along the way.

    1. Thanks Andrew. Cape Cod is an incredible place, full of all kinds of things to photograph, including people!

      I have seen 180 South and know the “dirtbag” movement well. Can’t say I was one of them but I bumped into many in Yosemite when I climbed there. As I process more of my scanned slides I’ll post some stuff on those early days (earlier than the Rooster Rock, Julia King post).

      Thanks for the kind words.

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