Gary on the south ridge of Mt. Race

Gary on the south ridge of Mt. Race

Appalachian Trail, Mt. Race, southwest Massachusetts. My good friend Gary Sharp is visiting and we hiked up Mt. Race to the southern ledges for the view. Amazing day, not too hot, no bug, slight breeze although the big rain we had the night before made the trail muddy and slippery in places giving us “old men” pause while hiking.

Lots of thru-hikers on the trail (people doing the entire AT) as well as day hikers. This is one of the most popular hikes in Massachusetts so it gets a lot of use.

This was also my first outing with the new Sony RX100 III. I’ve had and sold the first two versions of this camera and this one seems to have solved a number of things I didn’t care for about it. I still won’t use it in cold weather as its metal body and flush mounted controls make it tough to use but on a day like this its a joy to use.

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