Ezra Caldwell

Made by Hand / No 5 The Bike Maker from Made by Hand on Vimeo.

Note: I first posted this a year ago but I’m bumping it up because Ezra Caldwell has just passed away. The cancer finally beat him but he put up an incredible fight and lived a great life. RIP Ezra.


This is a great video. Ezra is not only incredibly frank and honest about his circuitous path to bike building but as you’ll see by exploring his site, Fast Boy Cycles, he’s one heck of a creative person who knows how to live his life with grace.

It looks like he’s taken his account off of flickr, maybe as a reaction to yesterday’s fiasco of a redesign change so the images on his site are dead at the moment. He’s an excellent photographer, hopeful you’ll find enough of his images that aren’t embedded from flickr to get a sense of his skill and eye. Note: his flickr account is back up: Ezra Caldwell.

Check out his cooking videos for a taste of his style. It seems everything Ezra does he does with art and grace, I’m both inspired and humbled by people who live this kind of full life.

As you’ll learn toward the end of the video above, Ezra has cancer and keeps a blog about it: teaching cancer to cry.


  1. The guy was an inspiration, he seemed to never feel sorry for himself and was determined to produce the bikes he did which I have to say as an ardent cyclist I admired from afar, he will I’m sure be missed by all those close to him and those he connected to via this beautiful film, god speed Ezra.

    1. Agreed on all fronts. I love his cooking videos and I’m no great cook, he just did everything with a lot of skill and poise. No doubt his dance background helped.

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