Latham siblings

Latham siblings

This image, left to right: Mary (Latham) Weeks, Margie (Latham) Bosse, Buzz Latham, Betsy Latham, and Anne (Latham) Wanderman (my wife).

Evansville, Indiana at the funeral of Eugene (Gene) Latham (the father of these kids).

Unless an entire extended family remains in the same town or city, it can become rare for larger families to come together except for weddings and funerals and that’s the case with my wife’s extended family.

My father in-law, Gene Latham lived a long life and had been going downhill so his passing wasn’t a surprise. Anne was there with him in his last days.

The images that follow came from Gene’s bedroom and are these kids at various stages in their young lives (late teens to early 20s). You can certainly see who’s who and the arc is amazing.

I tend not to post things like this here but in scanning a lot of the old images I got from family and friends these stood out for a variety of reasons.

Gene was a serious basketball player who in high school was a forward on the Central High School (Evansville) team that went to the Indiana state championships. If you’ve seen the movie Hoosiers, you’ll appreciate what that means. Gene was the last surviving member of that championship team and there were people at his funeral who had seen him play including the mascot of the team.

These Latham kids were extremely popular growing up in Evansville (for obvious reasons) and I was told by many who attended the funeral that their (small) house was the place to hang out.

I can say now, without reservation that hanging out with them (which doesn’t happen often enough unfortunately), even at the occasion of their father’s funeral, was incredible, they’re all special people and I’m honored to have them as my extended family.

Mary Latham

Mary Latham

Margie Latham

Margie Latham

Buzz Latham

Buzz Latham

Betsy Latham

Betsy Latham

Anne Latham

Anne Latham (my wife)


  1. It Was An Honor To Reunite With The Latham Siblings To Rember The ” Good Ol’e Days ” Of Grade School & High School. I Especially Enjoyed Seeing Betsy After Many Years Of Being Apart. She Still Has
    that Beautiful Look And Great Personality From Days Gone By……. I Hope The Opportunity Presents Itself To Meet Again And Relive The Memories Of Past And Present.

    Everyon Have A Happy And Loving Life Until We Meet Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Very Sincerely

    Bill Shears ———– > ( Be Sharp With Shears )

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