1. Extremely interesting read Richard. I did not even know about Explore. And, I hardly use flicker. So I am not as much in tune with this. I could never create images based on popularity. I create my images and my lyric essay purely for my enjoyment. It allows me to challenge the creativity of my mind. I don’t do it for “look at me” stuff. I don’t do it for money. This is not a business. It’s pure pleasure for me.

      2. Harold: You’re unusual, a rare gem in our world of selfies and quid pro quo commenting.

        It would blow your mind to know how much time and attention many pay to popularity on social media, it’s like crack and the likes of Flickr and Twitter and Facebook are laughing all the way to the bank; users use their services more to become more popular and as popularity increases, comes more use. It’s like digital alchemy.

  1. Wow Richard! I don’t even want to know more about all this self/ego gratification. I understand it more if a person is trying to promote is/her business, otherwise no comprendo. It takes me time to create a Post. I put a lot of effort into it. It makes me feel good. If others enjoy it, then it makes me feel good. If they don’t like it, then don’t read it. I have a whole other life besides a computer screen and the results from my camera. I love being outdoors, playing golf, face-to-face interacting with friends, going to the gym, enjoying the culture I live in and occasionally photographing them. I don’t want to add to my computer time with flicker, 500x, etc. I have looked at them. I even think that I have accounts there. But, that’s about it. My Facebook page only gets whatever I post on Through Harold’s Lens. It’s called “Command C” then “Command V” on my Mac.

    1. Yeah, I had a Facebook account early in its history but I found it tedious and frankly, poorly designed. If I didn’t have blogs I might have stuck with it but I killed that account early on. No Linked In and I do have a Twitter account but I rarely post to it, I use it as a news crawl.

      Flickr, on the other hand, is extremely useful. As you no doubt noticed, the images I post here are embeds of images from Flickr. Flickr saves bandwidth on this site and allows me to post other people’s work (when it’s accessible) and this is excellent. And, over many years (10) I’ve built up a community of real friends there. So, for me, Flickr is a great tool. Yahoo is doing their best to kill it; the changes they’re making to go after younger users aren’t helping it stay a good place for more serious photographers but so far, they’re not killing it for me.

      I looked at other ones like 500px but it’s a total popularity contest so forget it. Any service that puts popularity on top isn’t my cup of tea but I certainly understand why they do it: it attracts a lot of use from users who think that social popularity online is a contest to be won.

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