Stop-motion remembrance

Gan-Gan from Gemma Green-Hope on Vimeo.

After the death of her grandmother in 2010, animator and illustrator Gemma Green-Hope was called to help sort through some of her remaining possessions. What she discovered evoked not only memories, but also resulted in a new understanding of who her grandmother was by cataloging the objects she left behind. Green-Hope transformed the old books, clothes, jewelry and photos into this touching stop-motion portrait.

Brilliant. Very well done.

[via Colossal]


  1. A truly beautiful tribute Richard. Very cleverly produced. Love and life captured. Another wonderful video! I don’t know where you find these exceptional videos, but keep them coming. A fan!

    1. Thanks Harold. Glad we have similar taste in such things. I have a 99 year old mother so this kind of tribute is particularly meaningful to me. Not sure I have the skills or patience to put something like this together but I do have the photographs and objects. We shall see.

      Note on the bottom of many of my posts I cite where I found the content. In this case it’s an interesting site called Colossal. I’m an old time user of RSS (prefer it to Twitter although I use that too) and subscribe to the feeds of lots of sites including Colossal, wimp, and Devour, among many others. I also get content from other bloggers (and cite them) as well as flickr where I’ve been an active user since it started in 2004. And, of course, when I get around to it I post my own content.

      Glad to help curate this stuff for you Harold, feel free to reblog what you like if it suits you. Be well and stay tuned.

      You may want to check out posts older than a few years ago at my original site (which I still post to so there is duplicate content going back a few years). Here’s the video category there:

      Given that you already have your own hosted wordpress site and I may move all of that content to this site at some point, best to follow me here since you already are. But, the other site has a lot of content on it going back a long way. Let me know if you find something you think I ought to reblog over here.

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