Alain Laboile’s family

I first saw photographer Alain Laboile’s remarkable images of his family on PetaPixel: Father Captures Carefree Childhood at its best in Heartwarming B&W Photo Series and PetaPixel chose just the right images (and words) to illustrate what is so great about Alain’s collection.

What’s so great about these images? They capture not only the spirit of childhood but also more nuanced personalities of the children and feeling of place that’s so difficult to capture in still photography. Many of these images could have easily been part of the Family of Man exhibit, they’re every bit as good as W. Eugene Smith’s famous image of two children walking out of a tunnel of foliage into light.

The entire series is here: Alain Laboile Photographies: La famille and it’s well worth taking the time to look through the entire series.

There is no mistaking that Alain is a remarkable photographer who has produced a clear channel into the feeling of what it’s like to be in his family. For still photographs to do this is nothing short of amazing.

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