Touch ID

In December of last year I posted here on my experiences with Touch ID, the fingerprint recognition system built into the home button on the iPhone 5S: Out of Touch ID.

Since then I’ve tried every solution I could find short of getting a new iPhone. I finally just gave up. The iPhone 5S is a great tool, with or without Touch ID working but it’s always bugged me that I could not make it work and when I did, it seemed to degrade almost immediately.

And, my wife has had the same experience as have numerous friends with this iPhone.

Today I decided to call Apple to see if there was something to be done about this. I got a very nice woman who went through various questions with me. I was concerned that maybe fingers other than the thumb might produce better accuracy and my 62 year old ex-climber current chainsaw operator fingers are not in the best of shape. Some of the things she said I knew but it was nice to hear her list anyway.

1. You can train any finger, thumbs included

2. Age and condition of fingers should not be a factor

3. Multiple trains on a single finger will improve accuracy

4. A complete reset and restore of the iPhone can help. Not just syncing but backing up to iTunes, erasing the iPhone, and restoring it with a fresh install of iOS.

I just did #4 which I’d not tried before and retrained two fingers (thumb and pointer on my left hand) and so far it’s working well, better in fact than it ever has before. We’ll see if it continues to work well. I’m hopeful. I’ll do same to my wife’s iPhone tomorrow as she’s had a rough time of it too.

For anyone who’s given up on this, try a complete software restore, it just might help.

Here’s some more help at iMore: Touch ID not working for you? Here’s a fix!. I just did this and it helped even more.

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