Ice and tree patterns

Ice on the Appalachian Trail

On the Appalachian Trail between Hubbard Brook and Rt. 7 near Sheffield, Massachusetts.

Great snowshoeing on the AT through a great section of southern Mass. Many small stream crossings, all frozen and snow-covered so very little ice. This patch was at the bottom of a deep well of snow so I had to contort myself to get in close. A zoom lens would have been nice.

I took a number of shots with both the Ricoh GR and the Sony RX100 II, all of this same pattern, all at the same distance. I processed them all the same way and culled them down to the best Ricoh and the best Sony. Then I used Lightroom’s X/Y comparison tool to look closely and while this is not a scientific study or comparison, the Ricoh image had quite a bit more detail. Naturally, it has a larger sensor but it has less resolution so I figure it’s close to a wash. None of the images was perfect but this one was the best of the lot.

Pine grove looking up

This is a great pine grove that’s fun to shoot so I gave it another go with the Ricoh GR and liked the results in high contrast JPEG but after processing the RAW decided I liked the detail in it better.

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