Kesh Angels

In Photos: Moroccan Motorcycle Mash-Up

NPR has a great piece on a series called “Kesh Angels” where photographer Hassan Hajjaj used women wearing brightly colored traditional clothing, some wearing modern sunglasses while sitting on motorcycles in Marrakesh, Morocco. It sounds odd but as you’ll see in the images on their site, it’s quite a successful project.

These kinds of montages of seemingly disparate cultural artifacts, done right, are fantastic.

Hassan Hajjaj has a show of a series called My Rock Stars: Volume 2 at the Gusford Gallery in Los Angeles. Fantastic. What a great style he has.

Here’s an interview with Hassan done in conjunction with a show he had at LACMA: An Interview with Artist Hassan Hajjaj.

I love his work, can’t wait to see these large prints in person.

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