My mother at 98 +

Frances at lunch

Los Angeles, California. I’m on my monthly trip to visit my mother who’s 98, going on 99 in May. She’s doing fine although definitely slowing down and fading a bit more. However, she’s still got her spark and gives me crap about not driving fast enough on the freeway. When she stops bugging me I’ll be worried.

Frances at the Japanese Garden

Japanese Garden, Van Nuys, California. This traditional Japanese garden is part of a large water treatment plant. It’s an incredible place few people in LA seem to know about.

Because the water running through the garden is so “rich” birds come from all over to hang out there and this day there were many: cormorants, many kinds of ducks, grebes, snowy and great egrets, a few Allen hummingbirds, and many more.

After we wheel around the paths we sit inside the tea house and look out over the place. My mother discovered this place ten years ago and we’ve been coming ever since.

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