Ice crystals on Pine Swamp

Pine Swamp snow, ice, bubbles

Pine Swamp, West Cornwall, Connecticut. Loren and I snowshoed up to Pine Swamp to see if the beavers had been active and check out the landscape. This hike on the Appalachian Trail involves going through a narrow chimney which, under normal circumstances is quite easy but with snowshoes on is awkward. We made it, just and circumnavigated the pond, crossing the now well frozen beaver dams going out and coming back.

The ice crystals were magnificent and different from what I’d seen here before but it was quite cold with a breeze which put the wind chill below zero. I never took off my glove liners (under mittens) but even then, I didn’t do as much shooting as I wanted to; one has to keep moving on a day like this. Shooting under these conditions puts camera ergonomics front and center. Fumbling with a lens cap or with tough to use controls could cause real problems. While the Ricoh GR can hunt for focus when there isn’t a lot of contrast, I’m continuing to find its controls a delight to use with gloves on.

Pine Swamp ice

Pine Swamp snow, ice, bubbles

Pine Swamp ice


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