Out of Touch ID

Touch ID is Apple’s fingerprint recognition technology on the iPhone 5S that allows one to train the home button to learn one’s unique fingerprint(s) so as to unlock the phone by touch rather than passcode. Very slick idea and a great selling point on the iPhone 5S.

Here’s a post on Apple’s Touch ID on the iPhone 5S that is exactly my experience:

Dr. Drang on Touch ID

1. Train it according to spec. To be sure, multiple times on a single finger plus other fingers.

2. Works like a charm a few times.

3. Degrades over time and in a day is almost worthless.

This has been my experience since day one with Touch ID, my wife’s as well. I’ve tossed out all my saved fingers dozens of times and retrained, etc. Works, then degrades. And, I have iCloud Keychain turned on so I can’t leave my iPhone unlocked (well, I can but that would be asking for trouble).

I have little doubt that we’re not alone in experiencing this but others seem to have a much better experience with it. So, either some people have finger prints that cause problems for Touch ID or some iPhones have Touch ID systems that are different from others.

Don’t take this the wrong way: I love the iPhone 5S and I’d have bought it without Touch ID: it’s fast, it has great connectivity, and it’s one slick device. But, Touch ID is one of the technologies Apple is bragging about with this product and at least for me, my wife, and Dr. Drang, it’s not reliable at all.

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