Glassware in the sun

Glassware in the sun

Warren, Connecticut. I unloaded the dish rack onto the kitchen work table and came back a half hour later and the sun was pouring through the kitchen window creating a wonderful high contrast moment. Grabbed the Ricoh GR and took a few shots.

One has to learn to find lighting and contrast situations that lend themselves to this kind of shooting and no doubt I’ll be overdoing it for a while as I experiment to figure this out. It sure is a fun process though and its getting me much more actively involved experimenting with my photography, something I’ve been missing for a while now.

Glassware in the sun


  1. truly impressive! And it surely is not just “simple” even though it may appear to be. It’s a product of the right timing, correct framing and proper editing – that has brought out the best in this shot! 🙂

  2. Thank you tigerclaws, I appreciate your kind comment. I do have a fine arts background (BFA and MFA) but if you ask me what influences my vision I’d say a lot of looking: at books, galleries, museums, and a lot of other work online. There are interesting patterns and things to photograph everywhere, all one has to do is be open to it. Even though I made a living in the computer world for over twenty years, I never stopped looking.

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