High contrast Pine Swamp

High contrast Pine Swamp

West Cornwall, Connecticut. The last time we hiked up to this beaver pond it looked like the beavers had abandoned it but this day there was fresh evidence of beaver activity. The wood ticks were also plentiful and it was a constant struggle to get them off before they found a way to skin. Lyme disease and Ehrlichiosis are serious problems around here so one can’t be too careful.

I decided to try the Ricoh GR’s high contrast black and white filter setting on this landscape and I really liked the way things looked on the LCD screen, was less sure what they might look like on my computer’s screen but the only way to find out was to try.

This is a new way of seeing both urban and forest landscape for me and I know in time I’ll become more comfortable with it but I can see that it’s going to grow on me. Most of the images shot like this I’ve seen in the various Ricoh groups on flicker are urban street photography but I don’t see any reason why one can’t use this kind of filter for landscape.

Experimentation is fun and I’m looking forward to more. The Ricoh GR makes all of this stuff very easy, I continue to be impressed with almost every aspect of that camera, it’s one of the finest compacts I’ve ever used.

High contrast Pine Swamp

High contrast Pine Swamp


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