Maples are turning

Maples are turning

Along the Appalachian Trail on Schaghticoke Ridge.

Many people enjoy shooting larger landscapes with a “fruit loops” collection of fall colors but somehow I prefer early fall where only a few trees are turning.

I keep seeing these small pockets of maples leaves turning in a matrix of oaks and other leaves that aren’t and when the sun is backlighting them they’re brilliant.


  1. I need to go back to the rainforest; two weeks ago the bigleaf maples were showing hints of red, but in those two weeks it’s gone from warm enough to camp without a tent, to cold enough to close the windows at night and wear a sweater on the way to work.

    A friend called in sick yesterday and went hiking because it might be the last sunny day for eight months, he said a few of the larches are turning gold, but most have yet to put their show on.

  2. Don’t worry Forrest, you can get back to the rain forest or any forest for fall color any year. One thing we can count on is that fall will bring colors in maples, oaks, and other trees.

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