National Airport, Washington, DC

National Airport

Flickr member L. Shanley has posted a very nice image of (Ronald Reagan) National Airport in Washington, DC taken with a Sony RX100.

National is one of the few major airports I’ve not been to over 50 times (Dulles 100s). I avoided it because the idiots in Congress made it close by 10 pm because they didn’t like the sound of planes overhead. Noise isn’t okay for them but it’s okay for the rest of us. I was once in a US Air plane bound for Hartford and it was 9:59 pm and we were rolling down the runway. The clock struck 10 pm and the pilot had to cancel the takeoff because his wheels weren’t off the ground at 10 pm. We went back to the gate and we had to stay the night in a hotel near the airport, at our own expense. This did not endear me to Congress or the FAA for letting them make this insane rule.

I remember landing there once in a small commuter (curtain between pilots and passengers) just after it was renamed “Ronald Reagan National Airport” and the pilot came on the intercom and said: “We’ll be landing at Washington National Airport in ten minutes. Sorry, but I refuse to use its new name, George Washington was a great President.”

Many of us clapped.

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