The Getty Center

Glass corner

The glass corner above is opaque, what you see in it is all reflection.

The Getty Center, Los Angeles, California.

I’ve been shooting architectural images of this Richard Meier masterpiece for ten years now and it never bores me. A few years ago I had a show of images like these and it went very well; Richard Meier told me in a letter he thinks my images capture the spirit of his buildings and that put the a wonderful grin on my face.

Much of the ten years of shooting was with a Canon 5D and either a Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 or a 16-35mm f/2.8 lens, a kit that can get heavy when walking around a space like this for a few hours. Last year I walked through the Getty Center with a Sony RX100 and it was a revelation: the images it produced were excellent and in many ways rivaled the DSLR kit. Obviously some of this is me learning how to shoot these buildings and learning how to process the images in Lightroom but some of it is the sensor and lens combinations used to record the images.

So, today I decided to try the Ricoh GR to make many of the same images and it did not disappoint. There’s plenty of detail, metering was fine with a white facade, a dark blue sky with white clouds on a very bright sunny day and even with auto ISO on the camera stuck at ISO 100 and there was very little noise in the shadows. No noise reduction was needed for these images.

I have yet to get home and print these and for me, that’s the ultimate test but for the time being I could not be happier with this camera. The lack of an anti-aliasing filter didn’t seem to cause problems here as far as I can see although these shots may not be the best test of that feature/liability.

If you’ve not been to The Getty Center, it’s worth a trip to LA (a place I can’t stand) to visit; it’s truly a masterpiece.

Glass corner

The glass corner above is opaque, what you see in it is all reflection.

Curved exterior

Curved exterior

Narrow walkway

Exterior stairs

Entrance rotunda

Entrance rotunda

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