Flowers in the Getty Center Garden

Flower in the Getty Center Garden

The Getty Center, Los Angeles, California. I wanted to get back to the Getty with my Ricoh GR (which lacks an anti-aliasing filter over its sensor) to take some architectural pictures looking for moire. And, I took quite a few which I’ll process later today or when i get back home.

My mother enjoys wheeling through the Robert Irwin-designed garden labyrinth so we got down there as well and I took a few flower pictures with the GR. I must say, I’m quite happy with it as a general purpose camera and these images are pretty much straight out of the camera. I’m having a bit of trouble remembering to turn macro mode off; unlike other cameras I’ve used it stays on even when the camera is turned off. This is good, I just have to retrain myself. And, the camera hunts in macro mode occasionally as well which will take some work to figure out how to avoid. But, my issues with this camera are mostly issues with myself, not the camera itself and I’m extremely pleased with its ease of use and the images it pumps out effortlessly.

The architectural shots look great to me as well and I’ll get on them soon.

Flower in the Getty Center Garden

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