The Catskills

The Catskills

Panther (mountain), Catskills State Park, New York. We hiked up Panther via Giant Ledges yesterday and it was a great hike. Many people don’t realize how great a hiking area The Catskills are and I have mixed feelings about saying anything about it, I’d rather keep this gem of a hiking area a secret. Let people believe it’s a run down resort area, fine by me.

Panther is a 3800 foot mountain in the Slide Mountain wilderness area of Catskills Park. We snowshoed this hike a few years ago but I’d never been back to do it in the summer. What an incredible hike with great views and great flora all along the way.

This scene is the stereotypical Catskill scene: ferns, mixed trees, and shale. I love shale and the Catskills are loaded with it. The kinds of sedimentary layering that this rock shows in larger formations like this one coupled with smaller pieces of it all over the place makes for a very different hiking environment from the metamorphic rock we find in Connecticut or the granite we find in New Hampshire or out in California.

I really love this rock, it feels old and well seasoned and slightly decrepit.

I’m delighted with how much detail the Ricoh GR recorded, for my purposes this remains my favorite hiking camera.

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