A day in New York City

Bryant Park

New York City. We went into the city to visit friends and attend a dance recital by another friend who’s both a choreographer and modern dancer. I had my new Sony RX1 with me and took a few pictures including this one across Bryant Park behind the main branch of the New York Public Library. I can tell already fixed 35mm is going to take some getting used to (a bit narrow for shots like this). Still, the camera is a joy to use and no doubt I’ll get used to it in time.

Anne in the subway

Waiting for the A train to take us down to Soho I saw a familiar scene: my wife Anne’s profile against the lights on the other side of the tracks. I shot this many years ago and figured I’d try it again for fun. Again, the RX1 is going to take some getting used to but I’m pleased with how it did in such low light and high ISO.

Red Bull

Sitting in Spring Street Natural sipping a Blue Point Toasted Lager (tap) and eating a great beet/goat cheese/pistachio salad. The waiter inquired about the cool looking camera sitting on the table and I had to demo it for him. It’s great to walk around New York with a lightweight camera around your neck (rather than a heavy DSLR and extra lenses in a pack). A potential liability of the RX1 is that it looks quite a bit like a Leica and so, people ask about it and then are surprised when it’s a mere Sony. Fun.

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