Flickr is back

Flickr Is Back, Letting Us Go Home Again

Mat Honan has written a brilliant piece on how flickr has come back from the dead, thanks in part to the attention of new Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer.

Yahoo has a new CEO. The competition stumbled. And largely thanks to a new app, Flickr is back; reborn, yanked up from the sea by its collar at the last possible moment. And in December, following its app roll-out, traffic went up instead of down for the first time in years. While it is too soon to say that Flickr is going to be bigger than Facebook or Instagram, there’s a lot going on that indicates it’s primed for a return.

Facebook is a continuing nightmare of privacy disasters. It’s the bathroom door that resists all efforts at locking, swinging open again and again while you’re trying to poop.

Mat, you had me at that last paragraph in my quote.

As a long time flickr user this piece is music to my ears. But, I’ve already seen it in the new iOS app as well as improvements in the web interface. Almost all images at this site, both mine and everyone else’s are hosted at flickr and embedded here. Tough to do that with any other site. I’ve been doing it with flickr since 2004.

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