More from Pine Swamp

Dave and Loren crossing beaver dam, Pine Swamp

Dave and Loren crossing beaver dam, Pine Swamp

West Cornwall, Connecticut. We did a short hike back up to the Pine Swamp beaver ecosystem yesterday in about 6″ of snow. Great fun. The water wasn’t frozen over enough to walk across so we had to carefully walk on the tops of a few of the beaver dams (there are at least 10 in this ecosystem).

This hike, while not all the long or tough remains one of our favorites because the destination is so interesting in any season.

I’m still digging the image quality of the Sony RX100 (less its ergonomics) and my solution to the metal body making my hands cold is a thin pair of SmartWool glove liners that I leave on under my mittens. I can turn it on/off and push the shutter button with the gloves on which really saves my hands.

Ice pattern

Lots of wonderful ice patterns in the frozen pieces of Pine Swamp and the extra resolution on the Sony RX100 reveals some great details.

Stick, swamp, ice, snow

It hasn’t been consistently cold enough for the entire swamp to freeze over so there are some nice spots with a mix of water, ice and snow which looked quite photogenic.

Broken ice with bubbles

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