Ken O’Connell: Sketchy

When I was an undergraduate doing my BFA in ceramics at (1973-1975) the University of Oregon, Ken O’Connell was just starting to teach basic design and I took many of his classes and we became friends. By the time I came back to the U of O to do my MFA (1979-1980) Ken was dug in as a member of the faculty and was on my MFA committee.

As he says in the video, he’s high energy and his ideas are all over the place (like mine). I’ve never gone on one of his sketching expeditions (mostly to Italy) because unlike Ken, I use a camera as a pen, but it might be fun to go with him sometime and do both: sketching and photographing.

One thing we have in common is our fascination with everyday objects. Ken draws things as mundane as a pastry and I photograph objects as mundane as what’s in my pocket (from time to time).

Everyday stuff

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