Electric Imp

I’ve been reading about this service (and devices) for a few months now and it sounds fascinating to me. Electric Imp is a cloud-based service and a wifi-enabled SD card and a standard that allows devices using the card to be monitored and controlled from anywhere (else) in the world.

In this video Myriam Joire from Endgadget interviews Hugo Fiennes, the CEO of Electric Imp at Maker Faire. It’s worth watching to hear how the service works and see the possibilities. Here’s Myriam’s post.

One of the most successful of the early attempts to do home automation with devices was the X10 wireless technology standard. X10 controllers are used to operate lights and locks remotely and for home security, among many other things. However, as far as I know, they don’t use the internet, they work on a local network. The Electric Imp technology is an attempt to build a standard for communication and control and have OEMs build the card slot into their devices so that consumers can control those devices from afar.

What you’re seeing here is the early stages of a technology that might be built into consumer devices a number of years out, or not. Sometimes even the best technologies don’t catch on for seemingly small stumbles in naming, branding, or not being at the right place at the right time. Maybe a devilish imp isn’t the right brand for something like this, or maybe its perfect. No way to tell just yet.

I wonder if the disabilities-technology community even knows about this technology? It seems like it would be a great fit.

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