Bringing millions along for the ride on an El Cap climb

On Ledge and Online: Solitary Sport Turns Social

Social media and handheld devices for posting is invading what used to be solitary adventure sports. Many have mixed feelings about this.

As one who posts hike progress on Path and Instagram who am I to say that this is a bad idea. It will be interesting to see how it affects the kinds of things climbers and other adventure sports enthusiasts do: will they push themselves unreasonably to do ever more daring things for their online audience and to gain Page rank? Probably.


  1. Richard, personally, I think this is sad. I always thought folks did these adventures for themselves. When I travel and do my photography, I do not even take my computer. 1. I don’t need communications with others, unless there is an emergency. I’ll pop into an Internet Cafe if one is available, just to see if there are any emergencies. My photography blog,, just sits and waits until I return. 2. I do not want to spend my time in another culture doing post production. I want to spend all of my time exploring the culture and experiencing the people.

    1. I agree Harold. I posted this in 2011 on my “old” site and just moved it over here today. In 2011 I still had Path and Instagram accounts. No more. I do send my wife an occasional iPhone image with a text when she needs to know I’m okay on a long hike but no posting to social media (flickr is all I do, along with these blogs) on hikes or from my iPhone. I like to do that from my computer as I prefer to process images with Lightroom and not on an iPad.

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