What is Déjà vu?

Michael from sauce does a great job in explaining a number of fascinating cognitive concepts including Déjà vu.

I love thinking about this stuff, or at least I think I love it. I thought I loved it. What were we talking about again?

[via wimp.com]


  1. I had quite frequently déjà vu’s in the near past connected to my epilepsy. They are quite severe type of epilepsy attacks. Everyone has them now and then but they can be quite common if you have certain types of epilepsy.

  2. Jonne: Somehow I had forgotten you have epilepsy and I find it fascinating that these kinds of in-brain experiences (for lack of a better term) can be part of the numerous side effects of it.

    Many of the things Michael describes: jolting when losing consciousness, feelings of having been somewhere before, and of course, as I get older, losing names even when faces are familiar, are all things I’m experiencing. The fragmentation of my database, so to speak and the lack of quick recall is the most frustrating to me. The others are kind of fun to play around with.

    I highly recommend a movie called Déjà vu. It’s a Tony Scott thriller with Denzel Washington and it’s quite well done.


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