Museo Reina Sofía

Museo Reina Sofía from Juan Rayos on Vimeo.

Juan Rayos has made a wonderful introduction to Spain’s national art museum in Madrid. Both the video and background music are excellent. Beautifully produced. Watch full screen, very well worth it. Chock full of visual ideas and visual design beauty.

This video introduces Museo Reina Sofía, a expanded museum with various sites and locations (Sabatini Building, Nouvel Building, Palacio de Cristal and Palacio de Velázquez), experiences and audiences. Along with this idea of campus, the collection, exhibitions and public programs are shown as a new form of mediation between the audience and the Museum’s program.

PS: Now I know where Picasso’s Guernica ended up.

[via The Kid Should See This]


  1. Richard-

    The Reina Sofía is a beautiful museum, in which I’ve enjoyed many hours during my trips to Spain. Thank you for sharing this.


    PS- The Guernica needs to be seen in person — it is a very powerful painting, and a lot bigger than I imagined it would be.

  2. Ricardo: I’d love to see that museum and hopefully will some day. I saw Guernica when it was at MoMA many times so that puts me in the category “old guy” 😉

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